2050 DCSIP announcementReady for the mother of all New Year’s Resolutions? How about eliminating poverty by 2050?

We are joining up with Diplomatic Courier and are thrilled to become one of their thought partners for a year of exploration about the connection of global megatrends on hyperlocal neighborhoods in the World in 2050 initiative.

Did you know that DC is projected to experience the major urban migration happening globally? Every week, 1.5 million people join the urban population flooding cities with new potential talent and challenges. With DC metro area projected to add the equivalent of Houston’s population by 2050, and an expected addition of 1.4 million new jobs what does that mean to the communities we serve? How can we help communities revitalize in-place? What talent and promise is hiding in our poorest communities just waiting to be unleashed to meet the need?

Meaty subjects. We can’t solve the world’s problems but we think DC has a lot to offer. We plan on sharing our insights gleaned from our hyper-local work to support resilient and healthy communities. But the more the merrier!

We invite you all to join in the conversation on a global stage by heading on over to join us on Facebook and twitter and using the hastags #Worldin2050 and #megatrends. You can tweet us at @dcsocialinnov and @diplocourier. Join the live feed for the first event, “The Global Talent Summit,” on Jan. 13th by tweeting to @diplocourier with #2050Jobs.